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Water Solutions

Our aggregate solutions feature experience in testing, inspections, chemicals, and law to ensure a comprehensive solution can be delivered to our customers.

Clean Water

Erosion Solutions

Providing solutions for construction regulations and real estate development is a snap with our proven seeding solutions, silt fencing, and other water runoff solutions.

Erosion Control


State-of-the-art seeding methods give us the advantage in cost savings and in the time required to grow quality turf on your property.

Hydroseed Solutions

Commercial Development

General contractors trust our cost-effective solutions for their code needs. We offer solutions that fit many stages of development to keep projects on time and on budget.

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Our trusted landscaping management professionals take pride in maintaining your property during all four seasons. Call us for construction development or ground clearing and upkeep.

Commercial Solutions

Residential Developments

Our cost-effective erosion control gives any residential development the professional look new homeowners are looking for and fulfill all code requirements for the developer.


“We provide a host of solutions, but our greatest product is trust. Enviro-Tek clients know their projects are professionally managed – every time.”

Cameron Cooper, Managing Member

Decades of Experience Managing the Mid-South Environment

As a second-generation business, Enviro-Tek continues to be the proven provider for environmental management services in West Tennessee. As we move into our fourth decade of commercial experience in pond clarification, aggregate purification, drill seeding, and erosion control, no other company can provide our variety of services and experience. Give us a call today for a free estimate on how we can help you maintain your environment.

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