About Us

Proven Success In Environmental Management

Enviro-Tek’s Primary Services

We take pride in providing the best environmental solutions in the Mid-South. Our comprehensive list of services are listed here, but the reality is our complete list is always growing as we evolve to meet the environmental needs of our clients.


We are now in our second generation of providing, ponds, and other water sources. Our solutions include retention ponds and water storage solutions of all shapes and sizes. Our dedication to water testing and developing methods to process and manage your water runoff are guaranteed to make your property look better and exceed all local codes.


Our advanced technology and proven erosion control solutions are the best in the region. We provide large scale commercial seeding solutions as well as, silt fencing and drainage control solutions. Our state-of-the-art hydroseeding is more cost-effective and produced results faster than traditional methods. Our fast and scalable processes work well in state roadways and can easily be scaled down to fit farm and food plot needs. 


Enviro-Tek Aggregate material treatment has become the gold standard over the past decade. Our environmentally friendly approach to clay removal meets and exceeds government standards while leaves our clients and their products looking great.  We offer water clarification services on-site as well as large volume chemical solutions for client purchase.