Clean Waters Bring Back Species

A recent report from showed the benefits to environmental plantlife from having clean water ponds in the area. Penny Williams, from Freshwater Habitats Trust, said this about her study, “Our previous work had already shown that ponds were a secret treasure in the British  countryside —with a value out of proportion to their tiny size—however, the scale of benefits from adding new ponds took all of us by surprise.” The study compared dammed up and clogged ponds with open ponds and there was 9% more bio-diversity in the surrounding plant life.

Professor Colin Brown, from the University of York’s Department of Environment and Geography and one of the academics involved in the study, said: “Rural freshwaters are under intense threat from a wide range of pollutants, resulting in a slow but steady decline in biodiversity. Perhaps the most important finding of the research was how strikingly large and fast the positive response was from creating the clean  water  ponds.”

Read the full article, here.

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